The Beginning



I began by transcribing a quote onto the top blank page of my notebook.  “Now is the time..,” is as far as I got.  This is the actual quote:

“Now is the best time to start becoming the person you want to be.”   -Dieter F. Udntdorf

I made a mistake when I hand wrote that first sentence in my notebook.  I had meant to write ‘best’ before ‘time’ but before I could scratch a line through it, I realized it was no mistake, just pure perfection.  Let me explain.  “Now is the time” is a phrase I’ve been saying, a song I’ve been singing, really, a song I have loved as I have grown up in Florida with Walt Disney World as part of my backyard.  It was the original song for the Carousel of Progress.  Ha! Thinking back just now, I remembered how that jingle stuck in our heads all day after hearing it as we repeated that ride over and again when we wanted to cool down and sit for awhile in the park.  I wrote this quote down a few years ago on the backside of my vision board, which is in my closet and every time I have opened that slider door, I have automatically looked up to the red marker writing on tall white poster board, and I recalled in my head how it sounded, reciting the lines best I could remember, imagining the tune I heard so many years ago.  I have “Now is the Time” written on a post-it note for me to read and see and say every time I go into my bathroom, on the cabinet.  There are no coincidences.  I literally chuckled laughing at the Universe at this choreography.

There are no coincidences that I mistakenly wrote that first line.  No coincidences that this is the quote I chose to begin my writing/blog/journal piece.  This is the assignment from an email to inspire me to take pen to paper with my thoughts again.  My blog is called Connexion – no coincidence – how all things are connected and there is a reason for everything.  I laughed out loud here again with the delicious realization of the clever choreography from the Non-Physical as part of my experience.

The Turning Point

I had thought recently that I was at a place in my life where the character (like in a movie) is beaten to a pulp, or dragged through the gravel through the town by chains, and I wondered if I was close to defeat, to death, and then there was a turn of the tide, and a new source of inspiration (with a strength I have never known before) and bursts of excitement, joy and happiness have begun occurring for me again.  I envisioned them, I prayed for them to return.  Similarly, like the upward curve of my swing of life right now I am on the upwards direction/motion, albeit at the bottom of that curve.  It’s ok, it is where I am.  I am moving in the right direction.

Yesterday I took my Golden Retriever, Joy, to a trainer’s ranch so she, as my “Golden Sparkle,” is able to go with me everywhere and spread JOY and love.  To be able to help children and families while spreading the sparkle of Joy and Love is my purpose.  I envisioned this part of my grand scheme in April 2014 (yes, it is a big plan, with lots of parts that fit together very nicely).  Today, I am taking the actual steps at achieving my dreams and goals.  Right NOW I am experiencing the manifestation of my ideas from April 2014, I recognize I am not in the same place I was that day.  I have moved down the pipeline of the blueprints I created that night toward something that came to me in meditation.  The fact that I have compared these dates, from what I dreamed, to actual steps of action, amazed me!

I am reminded that the perfect rendezvous happens when the Universe decides it so, AND I am in the receptive mode of receiving.  The path lit up before my eyes.  I remembered that night, like a flash of lightening, the memory came to me and I connected that night to this day and this experience.  This is the law of attraction (which I have been a very keen student of since 2009) in action!  I remembered the exact manifestation of the idea during my meditation in 2014, and I connected it with standing right there, on the ranch (rendezvousing), with Joy, fulfilling that dream!!  I did it.  I noticed it.  I recognized it.  It is so powerful.

Turned It Around

“Now is the Time.”  “Take the Leap.”  “Now is the Time!”  (These are memes (messages) I see and hear all day today and not only online.  I had a catalog from the mail peeking out of a pile in my room that said, “Now is the Time.” Coincidence?  I think not.  My FB (just now):  The Genie from Aladdin: (another meme) proclaimed,

“Your wish is granted! Now is the time for you to start accepting that it is done!” I saw another post on FB that said: “3 ways to Fail at Everything in Life” (and listed three things) but I chose to look at it this way instead: (I turned it around!)

  1.  Follow your heart
  2. Love is always the answer
  3. Take the path less traveled – it does make all the difference
  4. (Be the change you wish to see in the world) (I added this extra one! :))

Find Joy!  Be Joy!  The purpose of life is Joy!

So I posted my version on FB and IG on top of an inspiring picture when I was walking Joy on the beach.  This was how I chose to see it and express it and sing it loudly.  Earlier at my meeting (yes, a 12 step program that I love), I thought about creating this message of love from me to you and being the light – the beacon of hope, shining for others – to guide them, to help them, to care about people.  I had recently shared my experience, strength and hope and someone commented that I was like a lighthouse light.  The topic of the meeting was on the 1st step, as it is a beginner’s meeting and there were people coming back and struggling.  It was a great meeting.  I am always moved by sharing my 1st step and I thought of that lighthouse image I am for others and asked the Universe to help me shine brightly.  Again, no coincidences when I connected these thoughts.

Inspired Action

I decided to have a blog on my website,, along with my jewelry that I make and sell (this is part of that big plan too) and I thought it would be difficult to create my blog about connectedness in my life experience.    I have studied about blogging, how to do it and tips (I am good at studying!)  I even came up with the name, Connexion and the idea (the niche) about connectedness.  But the first blog?  The actual first one?!  (The perfectionist in me began to scream here.)   As to actually do the first one, and perfectly, of course, I was not so sure all of a sudden.  But, two days ago, I got an email about inspiration to just write and some amazing tips.  I saw the path before me presented by the Universe, my first assignment, was just to write.  Something.  Anything.  It was also suggested to have a quote to reflect upon throughout the day to inspire me to write and when I went to copy that quote, it became the first line of this blog.  Then, when my pen hit the paper, my thoughts poured out of me and I saw the message of just how my thoughts became tangible words (things).  And so, it was not difficult at all to compose my actual first blog, inadvertently.  I love it, I love it, and I love it.  And, I smiled as I wrote this.  I felt sparkling inside!

The daily email from AH was about how Abraham is a collective stream of consciousness.  No coincidences there again, just clever funny reminders that everything is truly connected when I pay attention.

I had one more message before I was finished with my writing.  “The Universe is sending you signs that a bigger miracle than you can imagine is on the way.”

Right now.

Now is the time.

Remember to Sparkle!


Chara Free

P.S.  I sincerely thank you for reading this and any comments or questions would be greatly appreciated in the comment box below.